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Let PETANQUE SPOT take you on this popular and/or sporting adventure
which crosses borders, and will inevitably flood Australia, as everywhere else in the world :

and become our DISTRIBUTOR of products, accessories and services for :
and bring a new wind of conviviality, sharing and happiness to your customers
in your shops and leisure spaces!

As new passionate importer & wholesaler,
specialized in products & services
related to the Pétanque game in Australia,
is offering you a unique opportunity.

Are you a campground or a tourist holiday park, a resort or a hotel with its own shop, a sports and leisure store, a store (on the oceanfront or near a leisure area, etc.), a Club or an Association

So, join us and let’s develop together a network of passionate distributors to offer and share with your customers moments of relaxation and/or competition, always in conviviality.

Thanks to our complete range (and which will continue to evolve and innovate ) high-quality products selected from manufacturers recognized for their know-how, at affordable pricesto satisfy all fans of this popular and traditional game (of French origin) which is currently developing all over the world.

With our selection of authentic pétanque boules for leisure and competitions,
as well as our elegant and practical accessories, and the atmosphere of this game : you are sure to captivate your customers, whatever their age and condition, and to enrich their experience and social relationships.

Become this essential link between the many pétanque enthusiasts and our articles specially designed for memorable games.
Become a meeting point for players of all levels and create unforgettable moments.

So, join us and let’s develop together a network of passionate distributors to offer and share with your customers moments of relaxation and/or competition, always in conviviality.

Contact us now to explore distribution opportunities and get the “boule rolling towards success!”

la franc boule
tournerie Monneret

What can PETANQUE SPOT offer to its Distributor-Partners ?

Exclusivity & diversity of top quality products
As a Distributor of Pétanque Spot Australia, your customers will have access to unique, high-quality products.
You can offer them specially selected pétanque boules, practical accessories and unique play equipment: designed for performance and durability by the best manufacturers.
The sufficient range of products initially to meet the needs of leisure and competitive players (approved by the FIPJP – Fédération Internationale de Pétanque), will evolve and develop rapidly over time with new exclusive or recognized ranges.

Advantageous conditions & preferential rates
You will benefit from competitive rates and flexible commercial conditions by Pétanque Spot Australia, and linked to your distributor status, and a possible retrocession of discounts on volumes that we could obtain from our suppliers to maximize your profit margins.
We are open to negotiation to establish a win-win relationship.

Regional exclusivity
You will have the possibility of obtaining exclusive distribution rights in certain regions, thus increasing your competitiveness, subject to specific development commitments defined together via business plan.

Marketing and Promotion Support
Pétanque Spot Australia will support you in your local marketing efforts: to highlight its brands and products in your region, and will allow you to benefit from the expertise of its dedicated team to attract not only pétanque enthusiasts, but also many new customers.

Information and Technical Assistance
You will have complete information on our products and their characteristics. Your teams will thus be well informed and able to answer customer questions. Additionally, our technical support will be available to resolve any possible issues.

Partner Network
By participating in our network of distributors, you will be part of a community passionate about pétanque: to exchange ideas, share experiences and develop our respective activities via our network.

Social responsability
By working with Pétanque Spot Australia, you are supporting a business committed to sustainable and respectful ethics, values and practices. This can be a strong argument for your customers who care about these values.

These benefits are designed to ensure that our partner-distributors can prosper and grow with us,
in a commitment with a mutually beneficial and lasting.
So, join our Distribution network and enrich your customer’s experience with the best of Pétanque

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