Pitch & Landscaping

Let PETANQUE SPOT design, build & maintain
your pitch & your friendly spaces
wether permanent or ephemeral
So that pétanque lights up your game !!!

You are an individual, a property owner

And you are dreaming of being able to receive
your family, relatives, friends,

in a friendly way around
a fun and pleasant activity,

in a corner of your landscaped garden
to enjoy together unforgettable moments
of games, accessible to all.

You are a campsite, a hotel, a resort,
a holiday or social lifestyle center,
an AirB&B …

and you would like to offer unifying activities,
accessible to all, fun and atypical
to your customers, members, tenants or residents…
to create and develop links, conviviality
and unique moments of sharing.
While sparing your budgets
to build and maintain
the related spaces and structures.

You are a community, a club,
a co-ownership manager

And you have as project to create community and/or sports spaces for your fellow citizens, serving cohesion, social bonds and intergenerational relations: in the same way as other activities or sports. With the advantage of being able to integrate easily, and with lower costs and budgets for structures, construction and maintenance; in already existing sites or spaces
such as public squares in neighborhoods or villages, the surroundings or interiors of stadiums or parks, the developed edges of beaches, municipal paths, common areas of co-ownerships, ….

You are a Company, an Association,
a group, or an event organizer …

and you want to enhance an internal or external event : marketing or commercial, seminar, family, …
with an original and atypical animation indoors and outdoors.

So, offer a crazy entertainment that will surprise and delight your guests, thanks to our ephemeral Pétanque courts, and their decorations and accessories: which can be completely customizable with your colors, logos, messages and values.

Atmosphere and success guaranteed!!!

You are players and would like to enjoy Pétanque on a perfect pitch to perform

And you need to maintain and beautify
the playing surface and the landscaped surroundings and/or any outbuildings,
in the best conditions
and ensure their durability:
And you must use the appropriate and optimized products and services
at the best cost.

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