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PETANQUE SPOT would like in this item presents to you :
information and links on the official authorities which govern the game of pétanque, as well as other practical subjects …

We hope that this data will facilitate your immersion in the more conventional world of Pétanque.
Because, of course, governments are needed to administer, organize, discipline, develop… a sport from the grassroots to the high level.

But whatever your personal ranking, and your will or ambition: never forget that Pétanque is above all a popular game, the vast majority of whose fans are leisure players, sometimes very keen and experienced.
Then come the Club members who can climb the ranks and become, through training, the true champions/athletes of what is a real sport.

So the main thing is to play, in sharing, in communion with others: so that it becomes your own pleasure !

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FIPJP – Fédération Internationale de Pétanque et Jeu Provençal 
International Federation of Pétanque and Provençal Game

petanque federeation australia

PFA – Official website :

PFA Facebook : Petanque Australia

PFA – list of Clubs

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