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Passionate distributor of the “Pétanque spirit” in AUSTRALIA

PETANQUE SPOT AUSTRALIA is a Small Family Business, of which Megann AUGIER – founder – is in the position of Director.
Of course, the French origins of the family are not insensitive to the passion for playing the game of Pétanque – which is part of popular culture, because in France more than 17 million casual players have fun with boules and jack; and today, all over the world, Pétanque continues to grow with hundreds of millions of boulists – not any country escapes “pétanque-mania” !!!

Lovers of freedom, equality, fraternity… these fundamental values which are found in this simple and friendly game, accessible to all; before being a sport and/or a competition…: the AUGIER family quickly realized that it was difficult, in Australia, to find good Petanque products at reasonable prices (the shipping costs of items coming from abroad – often from France – being strongly penalizing for purchases).
It’s also difficult to find spaces to play, exercise themself, train and develop social connections (even if Pétanque can be played almost on any fairly flat gravelly or sandy ground, near your home).

So at the beginning, the idea naturally emerged to fill this gap: to bring balls, jacks, bags, accessories… in order to give them as gifts – to parents and friends… purchased from small artisanal manufacturers, well known and recognized in the field of Pétanque for their ancestral know-how, producing High-Quality (not to say luxury) items, of exceptional durability, with respect for passionate clientele.
Products manufactured, most of the time in France – cradle of Pétanque, e.g.:

  • by MAROQUINOR leather goods factory in ARDECHE region
  • or by MONNERET – World No 1 manufacturer of jacks – in the JURA mountains
    Both are official suppliers of the BOUTIQUE DE L’ELYSEE – Presidency of French Republic

So, finally why not decide to create a small business to benefit more generally, to everyone : these good products and services … and thus participate in the development of Pétanque in Australia?
This game does not have the place it deserves here, while its simple rules, its physical, mental and moral benefits… appreciated everywhere, its inexpensive cost in materials and structures: make it a best-game everywhere.

Before being a sport and/or a competition: Pétanque must above all be a popular activity, from which everyone can enjoy: with family, with friends, with new people…for unique games or regular … (as in France or elsewhere, where it is played in the smallest villages, on the smallest neighborhood squares, in small paths or on the beachfront, … and of course on public or personal boulodromes).

The fierce games of Pétanque, but always imbued with respect, cordiality, and fair play of Pétanque: must also be an activating pretext for good times, conviviality, sharing, … which begin or end with a good “Apéro ” (with a very fresh anise Pastis), and some good dishes to share (like a good dry saucisson, and some charcuteries for example).

That is the true PETANQUE SPIRIT !!!

“Pétanque should be listed as a World Heritage of Well-Being for Humanity”.
So, this boule : “do you shoot it, or do you point it ?”

J’aime les choses simples. J’aime être en famille dans le Sud et jouer à la pétanque.

Jean Dujardin Acteur, Artiste, Comique (1972 – )

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